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English Level 20 Transcript (07/2007)
Hardcover paperback book

To all Partners & Level 20 Graduates


We wish to inform you that the Level 20 (08-HUE) Transcript in English is now available.




Format              =          Hardcover Paperback 6 x 9 inches (or 152.4 x 228.6 mm)

Length              =          780 pages

Weight              =          2.42 lbs (or 1.10 kg)

Price                 =          US$125.00 plus shipping and tax


This is the First Edition of the English Transcript in which we’ve spent the effort and time to translate directly from the Vietnamese Manuscript. During the Level 20 Seminar in 07/2007, due to the language barrier, the simultaneous translation could not capture all the spoken words. As we worked on this English Transcript, we have added the explanations or remarks to help the readers gain a deeper understanding of the Vietnamese words the Master said in the class. These additional footnotes can give the reader a perspective to appreciate the Master’s profound teaching and sense of humor through the Vietnamese jokes, puns, slang or stories. This translation has been carefully edited to make it clearer for the English-speaking Level 20 practitioners.

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Expedited US$37.99 (4–5 days)

Express US$57.99 (2–4 days)


Note: * The shipping dates depend on how long it would take Lulu to print the books. The estimated delivery dates shown above are calculated after the books are printed. If you select FedEx, then Lulu will send the FedEx tracking number as soon as the books are shipped.


Please remember that this book is only for the Level 20 Graduates. Therefore, you can either place order through our Partners, or through HUE Faculty in the USA. If you order through HUE Faculty in the USA, please attach a copy of your Level 20 certificate. You can email to us at: and clearly provide your postal address and contact phone number for shipping. Upon receiving your email, we will let you know the shipping options that Lulu provides so you can select. We will issue an invoice for you to process the payment via PayPal so we can place order and Lulu will ship the books to your address.


Thank you very much and best regards.

HUE Faculty Team

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