Human and Universal Energy®
    Human and Universal Energy (HUE) after Mr. Luong Minh Dang®
General Information
Human and Universal Energy® (HUE)

This is the general information about the Human and Universal Energy® (HUE) method. It is based on the principle that everything exists as Energy at the sub-atomic level. The HUE educational programs will cover the following:


Apply the fundamentals and techniques based on the following processes:

  • Opening Chakras 100%
  • Practice to reach the Ultra-Meditative state and be calm in the midst of chaos
  • Energy Transfers for healing and other purposes
  • Learning how to Love and Help others wisely and effectively
  • Developing the true abilities to help others, because "Only humans can help humans"


Help people who suffer from physical and/or mental conditions by:

  • Improving the energetic vibrations
  • Enhancing the mental focus and self-control
  • Raising the level of collective consciousness
  • Improving the path of Spiritual Evolution


Our aim is to provide the means for people to develop a conscious and healthy way of life, and as a result, humanity can integrate Science and Spirituality to promote happiness, peace and wellbeing.


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General Information about Human and Universal Energy® (HUE)


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May 16-17-2020
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